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Search For Airports on a Map


A new map feature has been added to the airports page. Now when you click on a state, a map will appear where you can search for airports in that state on a Google map. It shows nearly all the airports in the state and makes it easy to find one if you know the area it's in but not the city. More features using these maps will come in the future.

Great New Video Submitted by ATFS_Crash


Check out this video of an F-16 being tipped over by a B-1B on the runway. Oops.

Aircraft Desktop Backgrounds

4/11/07 is going to begin making desktop backgrounds. You can easily right click on the photos and add them to your desktop for your enjoyment.

AircraftGuru Airspace


We've been working on adding a new feature where you can upload your own videos and photos and write blog-style entries. It's now available at We're still working on it, but you can already upload photos and videos and add to a blog. You must get a username (which is easy and free) and then go to User Controls by clicking on your username when you're logged in. We'd appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thanks!

SR-71 on an Aircraft Carrier


Check out this Google Maps satellite photo of an SR-71 and a bunch of other planes on the aircraft carrier Intrepid. It's now the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum. In this photo I believe it was parked at Pier 86, but it's now been moved to Bayonne, NJ to be refurbished.

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Latest Video:

A-6 Intruder Aircraft Carrier Mishap
An A-6 Intruder tries to land on an aircraft carrier, but something goes wrong and it flies off the opposite end. Both pilots eject prematurely -- they probably could have saved the plane (you can see it actually gain altitude after they eject).
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Airbus A380
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Israeli Company Working on Flying Car for Military, Rescue -
Rafi Yoeli has an unconventional solution to saving people from burning high-rises or rescuing soldiers trapped behind enemy lines: a flying car.
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