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Cessna 195 - 1951 Cessna 195
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Type: Civilian

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Information on the 195

The Cessna 190 and 195 are light single engine general aviation aircraft which were manufactured by Cessna between 1947 and 1954. The 195 model was also used by the United States Air Force as a light transport and utility aircraft under the designation LC-126.


The Cessna 190/195 aircraft were Cessna's only post war radial engine aircraft and the first prototype named P-780 flew in 1945. The biggest difference between the 190 and the 195 model was the choice of engine. The 195 used a Jacobs R-755-A2 radial engine with around 300hp or a Jacobs R-744-A2 with 245hp while the 190 used a Continental R-670-23 radial engine with 240hp. Over 1.100 190's and 195's were made and many are still flown today.

For most pilots, the aircraft was too expensive for private use. Therefore, they were sold mainly as a business aircraft, and thus they were called businessliners. The military version was mainly used in Alaska and could be fitted with skiis and floats.

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195 Specifications

The specifications given are for the 195 model with the Jacobs R-755-A2 radial engine.

Crew: One pilot
Capacity: 4 passengers
Length: 27'4" (+/- 8,5m)
Wingspan: 36'2" (+/- 11m)
Empty weight: 930 kg (2.050 lb)
Powerplant: 1x Jacobs R-755-A2 300hp radial engine
Maximum speed: 157 knots
Cruise speed: 148 knots
Stall speed: 55 knots
Range: 600nm
Service ceiling: 16.000 ft
Rate of climb: 1090 ft/min

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