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Type: Civilian

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Information on the 170

Cessna 170

The earliest Cessna 170s were essentially four-seat versions of the popular Cessna 140 two-seater, equipped with a more powerful Continental O-300 145 hp engine and additional fuel tanks. Like the 140, they were constructed of metal with fabric-covered wings supported by a "V" strut.

Cessna 170A

Beginning in late 1948, Cessna began selling the Cessna 170A, an all-metal Cessna 170 with dihedral-less wings and a single strut, replacing the earlier "V" strut of the 170. The price was roughly $5,500. This and subsequent versions of the 170 shared the fin/rudder shape of the larger Cessna 190 and 195 models.

Cessna 305

In 1950, the United States Air Force, Army and Marines began using the military variant of the Cessna 170, designated by Cessna as the Model 305 and by the military as the L-19 and later O-1 Bird Dog. It was used as a forward air control and reconnaissance aircraft. The Bird Dog was extensively re-designed from the basic 170 and included a revised fuselage and wing with large Fowler flaps that deploy up to 60?.

Cessna 170B

In 1952, the Cessna 170B was introduced featuring a new wing incorporating dihedral similar to the military version. The B model was equipped with very effective Fowler wing flaps which deploy up to 40? and a wing planform that lives on in the Cessna light singles of today. The 170B model also included a new tailplane, a revised tailwheel, larger rear windows and other refinements over the 170 and 170A.

In 1955, the previously elliptical rear side windows were changed to a more square design.

Cessna 170 Succession

The Cessna 170 is equipped with conventional landing gear, which is more challenging to land than tricycle landing gear. In 1956 Cessna introduced a replacement for the Cessna 170 that was essentially a nose-wheel-equipped 170B with a square fin, designated the Cessna 172 Skyhawk . The Cessna 172 went on to become the most produced aircraft of any type, ever and Cessna 170 production was halted.


Over 5,000 Cessna 170s were built and over 2,000 are still in service today. Prized as vintage aircraft by their owners, many of the remaining 170s have been totally restored and are very well cared for.

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170 Specifications

Crew: 1
Capacity: 3 Passengers
Length: 7.61 m (24 ft 11.5in)
Wingspan: 10.97 m (36 ft)
Height: 2.01 m (6 ft 7 in)
Wing area: 16.2 m? (174sq ft)
Empty: 547 kg (1205 lb)
Loaded: lb ( kg)
Maximum takeoff: 998 kg (2200 lb)
Powerplant: 1 x Continental O-300-A 110 kW (145 hp)
Maximum speed: 230 km/h (124kt)
Range: 950 km (513nm)
Service ceiling: 15,500 ft (4,724 m)
Rate of climb: 690 ft/min (210 m/min)
Wing loading: 12.64 lb/ft? ( 61.6 kg/m?)
Power/Mass: 15.2 lb/hp

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Cessna 170A - Cessna 170A on an ice runwayCessna 170B - Cessna 170B in flight

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