Sikorsky VH-3D Sea King

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Type: Military

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Information on the VH-3D Sea King

Executive transport helicopter.

The VH-3D is a twin engine, all-weather helicopter flown by Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) and supports the executive transport mission for the President of the United States.

The first version of this workhorse helicopter was flown more than 40 years ago and was derived from the Sikorsky S-61 series. Originally developed as an antisubmarine sensor carrier for the U.S. Navy, the Sea King has been replaced in that role by the SH-60F Sea Hawk helicopter as the anti-submarine warfare helicopter. The VH-3D was delivered to HMX-1 in December 1974 as a replacement for the VH-3A, which entered service in 1963. By the end of 1976, the VH-3A had been completely replaced by the VH-3D.


VH-3D Sea King Specifications

General Characteristics
Contractor: Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies, Stratford, CT.
Date Deployed: December 1974.
Propulsion: Two General Electric T58-GE-400B turboshaft engines.
Length: 73 feet (21.9 meters); Fuselage length: 54 feet, 9 inches (16.5 meters).
Height: 17 feet (5.1 meters).
Weight: Basic: 15,200 lbs. empty (6,895 Kg); Maximum Takeoff Weight: 21,500 lbs. (9,752 Kg).
Crew: Four.

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