Sikorsky CH-53D Sea Stallion

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Type: Military

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Information on the CH-53D Sea Stallion

The CH-53D is a medium lift helicopter designed to transport personnel, supplies and equipment in support of amphibious and shore operations.

The CH-53D was ordered in the early 1960s to satisfy a Marine Corps requirement for a heavy lift helicopter. It has since been replaced in the heavy lift mission by the CH-53E Super Stallion. All Marine Corps CH-53D helicopters are currently assigned to Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay. The CH-53D, along with the CH-46E, is slated for replacement by the MV-22 Osprey.


CH-53D Sea Stallion Specifications

General Characteristics
Contractor: Sikorsky Aircraft Division of United Technologies Corp.
Date Deployed: First flight: Oct 14, 1964; Operational: November 1966.
Propulsion: Two General Electric T64-GE-413 turboshaft engines (3,925 shaft horsepower each)
Length: Fuselage: 67.5 feet (20.3 meters); Rotors turning: 88 feet 3 inches (26.5 meters).
Height: 24 feet 11 inches (7.2 meters).
Rotor Diameter: 72 feet 3 inches (21.7 meters).
Weight: 21 tons (max gross) (18.9 metric tons).
Airspeed: 160 knots (184 miles, 294 km per hour).
Ceiling: 12,450 feet.
Range: 578 nautical miles (665 statute miles, 1064 km); 886 nautical miles ferry range.
Crew: Two pilots, one aircrewman.
Load: 37 troops or 24 litter patients plus four attendants or 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg) cargo.

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