Boeing P-8A MMA

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Type: Military

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Information on the P-8A MMA

The P-8A Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) is a modified Boeing 737-800ERX, bringing together a highly reliable airframe and high-bypass turbo fan jet engine with a fully connected, state-of-the-art open architecture mission system. This combination, coupled with next-generation sensors, will dramatically improve Anti-Submarine Warfare, or ASW, and Anti-Surface Warfare, or ASuW, capabilities.

*Open Mission System Architecture: reconfigurable and expandable system facilitating easier, more affordable upgrades.
*Sensors: Active multi-static and passive acoustic sensor system, inverse synthetic aperture / synthetic aperture radar, new electronic support measures system, new electro-optical / infrared sensor, magnetic anomaly detector.
*Nine-person crew: dual-pilot cockpit, five mission crew (plus relief pilot and In-flight technician). Workstations with universal multi-function displays, ready accommodation for additional workstation, workload sharing.
*Lethality: internal weapons bay, four wing pylons, two centerline hard points with digital stores management allowing for carriage of joint missiles, torpedoes and mines. Search stores: rotary reloadable sonobuoy launcher.
*Net Ready: Link-16, Internet Protocol, Common Data Link (CDL), FORCEnet.
*Performance based support/logistics with availability a key performance parameter.

MMA will be a key component in the Navy?s Sea Power 21 Sea Shield concept by providing persistent Anti-Submarine and Anti-surface Warfare capabilities. MMA will also support portions of Sea Power 21?s Sea Strike doctrine through provisions of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. MMA will play a key role in the Navy?s FORCEnet architecture via development of the Common Undersea Picture (CUP). It is designed to replace the P-3 Orion, which has been in service since November 1959 [P-3A] and August 1969 [P-3C].


P-8A MMA Specifications

General Characteristics
Primary Function: Anti-Submarine and Anti-surface Warfare.
Contractor: Boeing Company.
Date Deployed: First squadron is planned for 2013.
Propulsion: Two high-bypass turbofan engines (CFM-56) and advanced digital aircraft design.
Length: 129.5 feet (39.47 meters).
Height: 42.1 feet (12.83 meters).
Wingspan: 117.2 feet (35.72 meters).
Weight: Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight: 184,200 pounds (83,553 kilograms) .
Airspeed: 490 knots (564 mph, 789 kmph)
Ceiling: 41,000 ft.
Range: 1200+ nautical miles with four hours onstation (1,381 miles, 2,222km).
Crew: Nine.

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