Raytheon (Beech) C-12 Huron

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Type: Military

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Information on the C-12 Huron

Twin-engine logistics aircraft carrying passengers and cargo between military installations.

The C-12F Huron provides logistics support between Navy air stations. Powered by two PT-6A-42 turboprop engines, the C-12F can deliver a total payload of up to 4,215 pounds. The cabin can readily accommodate cargo, passengers or both. It is also equipped to accept litter patients in medical evacuation missions.


C-12 Huron Specifications

General Characteristics
Primary Function: Passenger and cargo airlift.
Contractor: Raytheon Aircraft Company (Formally Beech Aircraft).
Date Deployed: 1994.
Unit Cost: $2 million.
Propulsion: Two Pratt & Whitney PT-6A-42 turboprop engines; 850 shaft horsepower each.
Length: 43 feet 10 (13.3 meters).
Height: 15 feet (4.57 meters).
Weight: Max. gross, take-off: 15,000 lbs (6,750 kg).
Airspeed: Max.: 294 knots (334 miles, 544 km. per hour).
Ceiling: 35,000 feet (10,668 meters).
Range: 1,974 nautical miles (3,658 km)
Crew: Two.

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