Boeing C-9 Skytrain

C-9B Skytrain II - San Diego, Calif. (August 19, 2003) -- A C-9B Skytrain II from the "Conquistadors" of Fleet Logistics Squadron Fifty Seven (VR-57) flies over the Pacific Ocean during a routine training flight. VR-57 is a Naval Reserve squadron comprised of active duty and selected reserve personnel that provide around-the-clock, world-wide logistics support for the Navy and Marine Corps regular and reserve forces. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer
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Type: Military

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Information on the C-9 Skytrain

The C-9 fleet is located throughout the continental United States, Europe, and Asia. The Navy and Marine Corps C-9 aircraft provide cargo and passenger transportation as well as forward deployment logistics support. The Air Force C-9s are used for medical evacuation, passenger transportation, and special missions.

The C-9 is the military version of the McDonnell Douglas DC-9 used for many years by commercial airlines.


C-9 Skytrain Specifications

General Characteristics
Primary Function: C-9A/C aeromedical evacuation, C-9B cargo transport.
Contractor: Boeing Aircraft Corporation (formerly the McDonnell Douglas Corporation).
Date Deployed: August 1968.
Unit Cost: $35 million.
Propulsion: Two Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A turbofan engines.
Length: 119 feet 3 inches (35.7 meters).
Height: 27 feet 5 inches (8.2 meters).
Wingspan: 93 feet 3 inches (27.9 meters).
Weight: Basic weight is 65,283 pounds (29,369 kg) in passenger configuration; 59,706 pounds (26,868 kg) in cargo configuration; Maximum takeoff weight is 108,000 pounds (48,600 kg).
Airspeed: 565 mph (Mach 0.86/904 km/h) at 25,000 feet ( 7.500 meters), with maximum takeoff weight.
Ceiling: 37,000 feet.
Range: More than 2,000 miles (1,739 nautical miles or 3,200 km).
Crew: C-9A/C, eight (pilot, copilot, flight mechanic, two flight nurses, three aeromedical technicians); C-9B, two pilots plus cabin attendants.
Load: 40 litter patients or four litters and 40 ambulatory patients or other combinations.

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