F-100 Super Sabre Crash on Landing - Victim of the Sabre Dance

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Video Type: Crash
Aircraft: F-100 Super Sabre
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F-100C-20-NA Super Sabre 54-1907 during an attempted emergency landing at Edwards AFB, California on January 10, 1956. It was caught by film cameras set up for an unrelated test.

He was probably caught out by a characteristic of early swept wings. When the wing began to stall the tips lost lift before the rest of the wing, causing the lift generated by the rest of the wing to move forward. This would cause the nose to start to pitch up, causing more of the wing to stall, causing the nose to pitch up further... This was called the Sabre Dance in honour of the aircraft in which it was most apparent, and is extremely hard to recover from, especially when flying low.

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