Blue Angel Crash

Video 390 added on 2007-04-24:
Video Type: Crash
Aircraft: F-18 Hornet
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This is from a Blue Angel spectator that filmed the F-18 Blue Angel that crashed on April 21, 2007:

"Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort Air Show. This was taken towards the end of the airshow. The whole show the Blue Angels put on was spetacular. Unfortunately there was a tragic ending as they were completing their closing maneuver, the "fleur-de-lis" and were preparing to land. The video shows Blue Angel airplane #6 going down below the treeline and then the 5 other planes shortly before landing. Jet #6 crashed.

"We were on the north side of the runway, across from the food vendors and tower filming the airshow. As the jets were passing over the runway in a demonstration, that direction would be towards the east. I was facing the north-west to north as the jet was crashing to the treeline. Shortly after I filmed that clip, there was a plume of smoke to the north. The announcer has said that the 6 jets were preparing to land. Only 5 passed over the runway in the last maneuver as they headed south over the crowd, then east and then back north again. I noticed that one jet was circling to the northwest, near the plume of smoke. There were many sirens going off at the end of the show and then the helicoptor took off. Traffic was stopped and not permitted to leave. We heard on the radio what was happening. My prayers are with the family and co-workers of the aviator and the community of Beaufort South Carolina."

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