USS Forestal Mishap July 29, 1967 (Exclusive)

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As far as I know is the first time this video has been made readily available on the Internet to the GP when I posted this on Youtube. ;)

I think there is an old documentary VHS tape that might have this footage. And I have seen a few documentaries on cable TV that has SOME of this footage.

This tape is old and damaged. The video is poor but audio/narration is good. There is some better video out there but I think they have more film cut out.Some clipped and edited differently. This is just a short clip with some scenes often not shown.

A ZUNI rocket was fired accidentally from an aircraft being readied for a mission on July 29, 1967. The rocket screamed across the flight deck, struck another aircraft and ignited a fuel fire. The initial fire could have been contained, but 90 seconds after the fire started a bomb detonated, killing or seriously wounding most of the fire fighters.

The detonation ruptured the flight deck, and burning fuel spilled into the lower levels of the ship. Bombs, warheads, and rocket motors exploded with varying egress of intensity in the fire, killing 134 and wounding 161 men. Twenty-one aircraft were destroyed

After this incident, the Navy established a flag level committee to pursue improvements to the systems used to control flight deck fuel fires. An ordnance safety program was also initiated to characterize flight deck fuel fires and study ways to delay the "cook-off" times of munitions. As a result; insulation is now applied to some bomb casings, delaying "cook-off" times 5 to 10 minutes in a fuel fire, but does not diminish the violence of its explosive reaction.

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