GLOC in flight. (2 examples) Warning: Explicit Language (2 clip semi Exclusive)

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Aircraft: Various M-2000 & F-15?
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(2 clip semi Exclusive)
As far as I know is the first time this much of the 2nd has been made readily available to the on the Internet when I posted this on Youtube. ;) Part of it was in the PBS Nova documentry ?Topgun and beyond?, but they clipped more of it, I suspect partly because of the language.

Some may consider the language inappropriate. If you are easily offended by language mute or don't view the video.

I normally censor bad language, but in these cases I think it is understandable and part of the serious nature, though in bad taste. This is still not as bad as what you see on TV. This is a real, not Hollywweird.

Gravity induced loss of consciousness in fighter aircraft.

GLOC = Gravity induced Loss Of Consciousness

GLOC is when the gravity drains the blood from your brain and you lose consciousness. Such as when you are in a fighter aircraft and doing a hard turn.

Transcript of M2000

Mad (the pilot): C'est parti!
2'nd pilot: Ca va la? Mad ? Mad ?
Mad : oui oui oui
2'nd pilot : donc on est en piqu? l?.
Mad : oui oui
2'nd Pilot : sort?sort? sort du piqu?, sort du piqu?? ressource !
Aural warning
Mad : C'est bon
2'nd pilot : Oh putain !
Mad: Ca va' j'ai l'avion
2^nd pilot: C'est bon ? T'es normal ?
Mad : J'ai l'avion

Mad: Here we go!
2'nd pilot: Are you ok? Mad? Mad?
Mad: yes yes yes
2'nd pilot: so we are in a dive here
Mad: yes yes
2'nd pilot: get out, get out, get out of the dive, get out of the dive? pull up!
Aural warning
Mad: it's all right
2'nd pilot: holly (Bleep)!
Mad: it's ok? I have the airplane under control
2'nd pilot: everything ok? Are you feeling normal?
Mad: I have the airplane under control

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