F-16 Hits Trees At Ridgeline. With after mishap photos (Exclusive)

Video 332 added on 2007-03-07:
Video Type: Crash
Aircraft: Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon
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I have seen a short clip of this one other place, as far as I know is the first time this much of the tape has been made readily available to the public when I posted this on Youtube. ;)

I dubbed out the audio in the first part of the video for the pilots privacy and out of respect. He gave a very good/magnanimous/honest critique of his flight. He did not fully understand the ground warning system (he misunderstood), he also forgot to reset the altitude on the warning system.

The fact that F-16 survived is a testament to General Dynamics. Since this is only a single-engine fighter fact the engine was able to run and run long enough after ingesting parts of the tree to get the plane back safely is a credit to the engine manufacturer. I am not sure which engine this aircraft had at the time, General Electric or Pratt & Whitney. They are all excellent manufacturers.

The consensus is that it was a Pratt & Whitney engine.

Note: Every time his collision warning came on he was less then 50 feet off the ground, trees are not normally detected as ground, that is part of the reason for the mishap. A lot of trees are higher then 50 feet.

Don't be fooled by the funny filler music, I love this plane.

You might have seen part of this clip before, but I doubt the GP has seen all this before.

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